Bear Tours, Revamped!

Awbrey's Youtube series, "Bear Tours" has become, "New Bear Tours". Along with a name change, new characters have been added to the mix. But can Emily (Awbrey Madison) keep up with Hide's antics? Find out on "New Bear Tours"! Episode 1 and 2 have already been uploaded to Youtube, and will soon be airing on Local and Japanese TV channels, so stay tuned!

       Check out Episode 1 Here!


彼女が出演するシリーズ「ベアーツアーズ」が「ニューベアーツアーズ」にリメイクされました!新しい名前の他に、新しいキャラクタが追加されました。エミリー(オーブリー役)は、秀さんの周りに起こる問題に付いていけますか?! エピソード1と2がもう既にYoutubeにアップロードしましたし、LAチャンネルや日本内チャンネルに放送する予定です! 



Awbrey interviewed by  CBKRadioland!

This spring, Awbrey was intereviewed by CBKRadioland host Glenn Higbee. The web radio station host a veriety of music, such as classic and modern hits, to singles from up and coming talent! Here, Awbrey showcased some of her previously released tracks, as well as premiered her new single "Rather B Loved" on air!

Check it out in the "Press" Tab, under Press release!


The wait is finally over!

Awbrey's music videos for her new single "Rather B Loved", are now live in both English and Japanese! You can also purchase both versions of the single many major music distribution sites, like Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more!

Check out my new video!

オーブリーの新しいシングル「Rather B Loved」のPVがいよいよ公開されました! 日本語版と英語版は彼女のYoutubeページにアップロードされましたし、そして、シングルが色んな音楽配布に買えるようになりました!(Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, 色々)

Check out my new video!

Filming wrapped for "Rather B Loved" music video!

Awbrey Madison has recently finished filming the music video for her new single "Rather B Loved"!

The MV is set to drop soon, so be sure to check back here and on her social media pages for more updates!

新しい曲のPV「Rather B Loved」の撮影が終了しました!
オーブリーマディソンの新曲 「Rather B Loved」のPV撮影がこの間無事に終わりました!


Awbrey Madison was interviewed by the internet radio station!

Awbrey Madison was recently interviewed by radio personality Tim Kuda for the internet radio station! To listen to the interview, as well as an exclusive sneak peek of her new single, "Rather B Loved", click the link here or listen to the interview at!


Awbrey Madison Recording a new single, "Rather B Loved"!

Awbrey Madison is currently finishing recording for her new upcoming single called "Rather B Loved". The song is a toungue-in-cheek take on romance, co-written my fellow musician and singer, Jade Hendrix, granddaughter of famous guitairist Jimmi Hendrix. Look forward to more details in future updates!


Awbrey's New music video "What's a Girl to Do?" has finished production!

Awbrey Madison has completed filming for her new music video "What's a Girl to Do?" in both English and Japanese!

The Music Video was filmed by the wonderful DreamTeam Directors, Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennet. It will be set to release in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!


Awbrey's cool new pop EP now available on SHOP page

Awbrey Madison's big pop EP is already available in SHOP-It will take you to my Bandcamp page! Check out several of her new songs on the MUSIC page. 

She is now at work with Don Grierson selecting several new songs  and is looking forward to working with him and his team! Check back here for updates on the new songs and videos!

Awbrey currently seen in the indie film "Greece"

Awbrey Madison can currently be seen in the critically acclaimed independent short  film, "Greece", has been met with enthusiastic praise. It has been the official selection in 9 festivals and won 9 awards.  And that's just the beginning!  

Written and directed by Sarah Deakins and released by Bright Light Pictures, Greece takes place on a rainy afternoon in a British nursing home, where a woman struggles to make a last connection with her seemingly catatonic mother.  Awbrey stars as the young mother.  Currently the short film "Greece" a Sarah Deakins film,  is an official selection at the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience  Film Festival.  If you are in the area in June- be sure to see this moving film! 


Awbrey's cool new pop EP now in post-production

Awbrey Madison's big pop EP is aready in post-production!  She's planning on a late winter, early spring release and a music video for the debut single is already in the works.  Check back here often for a sneak preview!

オーブリーのクールなポッ EPは今ポストプロダクション中。
オーブリーマディソンのビッグポッPOPは今既にポストプロダクション! 彼女は晩冬、初春に公開すると計画されています。そして、デビューシングルのPVは準備中です!時々調べにきて、更新にプリビューを楽しみにして

Awbrey currently filming two comedic Japanese/American TV Webisodes

Awbrey Madison is currently starring in two comedic Japanese/American TV webisodes.  "We Love Coach TC!" is a comedic take on an Japanese  Tennis World Champion  coming to America to teach tennis.  Check out "We Love Coach TC!" on  their website

The other comedy TV web series is "Bear Tours", a Japanee American travel agency which highlights the comical situations that come up in their office.    Check them out on Facebook and YT!

Awbrey is fluent in Japanese (speaking, reading and writing)and is very excited to be working with the talented Japanese acting community here in Los Angeles.

Awbrey currently starring in two Japanese/American TV webisodes

Awbrey Madison is currently filming  two comedic Japanese/American webisodes. "We Love  Coach TC!" is a comedic take on a Japanese World Tennis Champion teaching tennis in America. Please check out 
"We Love Coach TC!"  on YouTube, Facebook and their website!

The other comedy TV web series is called "Bear Tours" and deals with the crazy happenings that turn up in a Japanese American Los Angeles travel agency. b

Awbrey is fluent in Japanese and is very excited to be working with the talented Japanese acting community in Los Angeles.

オーブリーは人気な日本番組に出演します。 オーブリーマディソンは人気な日本番組の重要な出場に準備しています。彼女は既に日本の芸能界でよく知られている人物で、テレビの歌うコンテストにいくつかの賞、そして日本の忠実な支持者の心を与えてもらいました。彼女は日本語が達者でアジアの人気が上昇しはじめる


Awbrey is cast  as the lead in  the short film "No Ordinary Princess"

Filming has started on the short Film "No Ordinary Princess" .   A sweet "John Hughes" type film set in 1983.  Photos and film clips will be up soon -" stay tuned!"


Awbrey inks development deal with Hollywood music exec

Awbrey Madison's path to stardom took another fortunate turn this year when she signed a consulting and development deal with legendary A&R music executive Don Grierson.  Grierson will be working with Awbrey as she develops and refines the musical and vocal aspect of her career. 

オーブリーはハリウッドの音楽経営者と進展契約を署名します。 オーブリーマディソンのスターダムの通路はまた幸運な方向に曲がっていました。彼女は有名 A&R音楽経営者、ドングリアソンと診察と開発契約を交わすようになりました。オーブリーの職業を発達させるたび、グリアソンは彼女の音楽とボーカル的の様相と一緒に磨きをかける.

Awbrey's New Music Video "What's A Girl to Do?" Is out!

Awbrey Madison's Music Video for "What's A Girl to Do?" Is out in both English and Japanese!

You can watch the videos on her official Youtube Page, which is linked in the website. She hopes you enjoy the fun, upbeat tale of first love!